What events do the ‘Friends’ organise?

The ‘Friends’ usually currently organise two main events during the year…Fireworks at RVCP and Year 11 Prom.

Fireworks event at Royal Victoria Country Park (RVCP)

Fireworks Spectacular

  • Fireworks
  • Stalls
  • St John’s Ambulance
  • Parking Attendants & Security
  • Tickets & Advertising
  • Volunteers to sell tickets on the night and to clean up the following day

FIREWORKS 2018 update
We are having talks with the RVCP at present to secure the venue for 2018.

The Friends of The Hamble School

Year 11 Prom


  • Book venue
  • Book photographers and table magician
  • Supply table decorations & balloons
  • Fund jug of squash per table
  • Subsidise the event